Abstract Submission

This premier schistosomiasis conference - Towards Elimination of Schistosomiasis (TES) 2017, welcomes submission of abstracts for original contribution to schistosomiasis (and STH) control and elimination in all topics.

The best abstracts featuring the latest research in the field of schistosomiasis and STH will be selected for oral or poster presentations.

Please note that the most outstanding posters submitted by students will be selected for an additional financial support.

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed and applicants will be informed of the final outcomes in time, to prepare for their presentations.


From 09 January 2017 till 25 February 2017

23.59 PM CET


The abstract must include:

  1. Name of Author(s) 
  2. Suffixes (degree(s) obtained): BS, MS, MD, PhD, MD/PhD, or other
  3. Contact Information: Mailing and e-mail addresses, phone numbers
  4. Institution, academic level and expected year of graduation/program completion
  5. Funding Source(s)/Research Sponsor(s)
  6. Research Title
  7. The abstract (NOT TO EXCEED 500 WORDS) must demonstrate the scientific problem and must contain:
  • Statement of the Problem/Background
  • Reseach Question/Hypothesis
  • Research Methods Used in the Study
  • Results of the Study
  • Conclusion 

Types of Presentations/Abstracts 

Oral Presentation -  All Oral presentations should be able to present the key argument of the research and open up discussion around the respective subject. All presenters are allocated 15mins for presentations. All presentations are to be forwarded to the conference secretariat by email a day before the conference begins.  

Poster Presentation -  All posters should have a size of 42"x 56" and they shall be displayed in a single room during a one-hour thirty minutes session. Similarly to oral presentations, the poster should provide an overview of the key argument of the research and the rationale for the research in question. 

Abstracts selected for oral and poster presentations feature the latest research in the field and best of all those which get submitted for the TES Conference. Participants should please note that all abstracts submitted for poster presentations will be considered as such, however not all abstracts submitted for oral presentations might be accepted for oral presentations, these can also be accepted for poster presentations. 

All abstracts will be thoroughly reviewed by the organising committee and acceptance notifications will be distributed via email to respective participants in mid February. 

For any further enquiries please contact the TES Conference secretariat. 

TES Conference Secretariat

Email: secretariat@schisto.com

Tel: + 237 671 194 774