Our Facilities

The Centre for Schistosomiasis and Parasitology offers a wide range of services for the scientific community, all pertaining to parasitological research. We have a range of well-equipped laboratory facilities and good functional infrastructure for high quality research, including a parasitology laboratory, biochemical and molecular laboratory, snail room, animal room, conference room, library, VSAT internet network and offices.

Biochemistry Laboratory 

Our biochemistry facility is equipped to carryout throughput

scientific techniques such as gel electrophoresis, PCR, and mass spectrometry.  










One of our most invaluable facilities in which animal research is being carried out in environmental, health and nutritional controlled conditions. 

Culture Lab

The Centre is equipped to carryout in-vitro/tests tube experiments using cells or microorganisms. The facility has a lamina flux and incubators which assist in in-vitro research. 


Snails are the main host for all schistosome species. By studying these creatures in their niche, we are better equipped at creating mechanisms for preventing the growth of these schistomes which cause a great ordeal for humans. 








 Parasitology Laboratory

The Parasitology Lab provides diagnostic support for the efficient detection of

parasitic infections in humans. This detection is made possible by use of human urine and faeces.