In order to reduce the socio-economic burdens caused by NTDs in Cameroon, the COUNTDOWN project via the implementation of various activities, aims to make an impact in the fight to elevate this public health problems. Our Projects in Cameroon will involve: 

Extending praziquantel treatment for 
schistosomiasis to all populations in need
especially pre-school aged children and pregnant women, and establish biannual
treatment in school-aged children.
Extending treatment in onchocerciasis hypo-endemic areas and explore alternative 
treatment strategies where lymphatic
filariasis and onchocerciasis are co-endemic with Loa loa.

These four-year activities commencing in 2016 strive to:

  • Provide rigorous and generalizable evidence to improve and support scale- up of Mass Drug Administration programmes, fostering optimal co-ordination
  •  Increase research capacity and integrate multi-sectoral evidence for optimisation of NTD control programmes
  • Form a vibrant multidisciplinary consortium engaged with national NTD programmes and international stakeholders.